Welcome to the Stratton Methodist Church Profile Page

The people of Stratton Methodist church have a heart for serving the community – both the area in immediate proximity to the church and the wider area of Swindon.
We have a monthly project called Community kitchen, meeting every second Saturday – we offer food, clothing and a place to meet for anyone who wants to come.  Initially we had hoped to attract those from the local community and indeed we have made some good contacts.  However it quickly became apparent that we were meant to be serving people on a wider scale and we developed links with Booth House (a Salvation Army Life House) and with a breakfast club serving the homeless in the town. This work continues to grow and we are excited to see where God leads us next.
In addition to this we run a weekly coffee morning, again serving the local community.

Sunday worship takes a variety of forms – we have a worship group who lead the music and five trained worship leaders who play an active role in leading the congregation in worship for both LA services and working with ministers and local preachers each Sunday. 

We enjoy contemporary and modern music, using Songs of Fellowship books 1-5, but also include more traditional hymns  using the pipe organ.  The congregation is open to exploring new ways of worshipping.